taps the intuitive foresight of a “crowd” to reveal commercial opportunity and spot breakthrough or niche ideas

The biggest risk in innovation is not launching a bad idea. It’s missing a big one.


  • Richer analytics and story
  • Simpler for respondents
  • More Flexible
  • Better Value

Through 25+ years of experience testing and optimizing over 60,000+ ideas and concepts, DIRECTIONS has found the best and most efficient way to achieve meaningful discrimination when screening ideas is to use a hybrid of both comparative and absolute ratings. Further, the latest brain science proves people are not good predictors of their own behavior.

CrowdSight™ uses a hybrid design and projective technique to provide analytic rigor while keeping the survey simple and fun. People are asked to rate the success potential of ideas rather than try to predict their own intent. Doing so taps gut instinct, which helps to reduce bias and spark emotive feedback.

Projective “Crowd” technique is also extremely flexible. Any type of idea can be tested, from early product ideas to positioning/messaging routes, full concepts, taglines, names, pack designs, claims, advertising ideas and more.

SocialExploits human social instincts
ProjectiveRate idea success, not “personal intent”
IntuitiveSimple and fun survey = descriptive feedback and happy respondents
RigorousHybrid of relative and absolute performance
EfficientQuick and clear answers to Why
StoryReveals clearer story across tested items
FlexibleTest ideas, full concepts, claims, names, early stage, niche, new-to-world or abstract

Components of CrowdSight

CrowdSight™ includes several measures to capture themes that inspire marketing, spot fixable opportunities, derive emotion and reveal archetypes. Together, these result in more powerful insights.

  • A consistent, three-step route to archetypes and commercial story
  • A seasoned analyst on every project
  • Success Score

    Hybrid of both relative and absolute ratings through a Max Diff exercise and intuitive, real-world star ratings.

  • Polarization

    Spots polarization – a known signal of breakthrough, niche or fixable opportunity.

  • Crosstalk

    Adaptive and interactive open ends for collective idea building, richer feedback, derived emotion and identification of archetypes.


  • BIG HIT Potential jewel icon
  • Commercial Potential check mark icon
  • Fixable Contender wrench icon
  • Niche Possibility pie chart icon
  • Breakthrough Potential arrow icon
  • Me-Too people icon
  • Gimmick rabbit hat icon
  • Too Small magnifying glass icon
  • Bust X icon

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